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GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium (200x200) Thawte SSL 123 (200x200) Comodo Essential SSL Square (200 x 200) Secure Site SSL (200x200)
GeoTrust EV SSL Small Square (200 x 200) Thawte SSL123 Wildcard (200x200) Comodo InstantSSL (200x200) Symantec Secure Site Pro (200x200)
GeoTrust True BusinessID w/ EV Multi-Domain (200x200) Thawte SSL Web Server (200x200) Comodo EV SSL (200x200) Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV (200x200)
GeoTrust True BusinessID w/ EV Multi-Domain (200x200) Thawte SSL Web Server with EV (200x200) Comodo EV Multi-Domain (200x200) Symantec Secure Site Pro Multi-Domain Wildcard (200x200)


Website and Server Security
 GeoTrust Web Site Anti-Malware Scan (200x200)  HackerGuardian PCI Scan Control Center (200x200)  PCI Scanning Enterprise Edition (200x200)  HackerProof Trust Mark (200x200)


SSL Web Server Multi-Domain Wildcard

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer" is a small code that
establishes a secure session link between the visitor’s web browser and
your website so that all communications transmitted through this link
are encrypted and are, therefore, secure. SSL is also used for
transmitting secure email, secure files, and other forms of

Are there different kinds of SSL’s?

Yes, SSL Certificates can be classified into three types- [3]

Domain Validation SSL
Organization Validation SSL
Extended Validation SSL